Description and characteristics of the columnar apple variety Zhelannoye, regions of culture distribution

The name of the tree itself suggests that it has all the necessary criteria for which it is so valued. They say exceptionally good things about the desired apple tree. Summer residents appreciate it for its high resistance to disease, abundant fruiting and excellent taste. This late variety of apple trees is gaining more and more popularity every year.

Description of the variety

To facilitate the work of gardeners, detailed descriptions of the variety are created. This helps to choose the right place on the site, apply fertilizer on time and cut, if required by the features of the Zhelannaya apple tree.

apple tree characteristics

The favorite is not very whimsical and undemanding to care, it is important to observe general agricultural techniques, and the plant will repay with the declared yield. This variety is popular among the category of amateur gardeners who prefer to grow their own collected vitamins for the winter in the form of fruits, vegetables and berries.

The apple tree was bred in 2000 in the botanical garden of Russia. It quickly spread, many farms began to grow wood on an industrial scale.

variety description

Advantages and disadvantages

The Zhelannoye variety has a number of positive and negative properties. The assessment of which must be objective on the part of each gardener individually.


  • Rapid onset of fruiting.
  • High yield.
  • Resistance to fungal diseases and insect attacks.
  • Relative frost resistance.
  • Good taste and presentation of the fruit.

negative properties


  • With a large number of apples on a tree, they become smaller.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the variety should be assessed only after cultivation in the region of residence.

are getting smaller


To get acquainted with the properties of the apple tree, a general description of the main characteristics is given. Any variety should be studied in detail, only then a decision should be made about planting it in the garden. The desirable apple tree species has properties for which gardeners love it.

Apples have a persistent aroma and sweet and sour taste, for this reason they are grown for any processing method. For cooking jams, marmalades, juices, compotes and other preparations for the winter.

processing method

Dimensions of the tree

The apple tree grows slowly, it will take 4-5 years, and a full-fledged adult tree up to 5 m high will stand on the site.

Such indicators are achieved only with proper care. When the apple tree has enough light, moisture and nutrients. Based on this, record yields are obtained.

mature tree


At the age of 2-3 years, a young seedling is able to give its first fruits. Do not forget about the implementation of mandatory agrotechnical techniques when growing a Favorite. The number of fruits, their size and taste characteristics will increase every year.

The ovary forms at a rapid pace. The fruits are ready to eat in early September.

compulsory agrotechnical

Winter hardiness

This type of fruit tree has a high level of winter hardiness. But do not forget about the autumn feeding, it will give additional strength to survive the cold season.

Disease resistance

The plant is immune to scab and powdery mildew. Timely treatment is required against the causative agents of other diseases. It is better to prevent the onset of the disease than to treat it. Chemicals or folk remedies are used.

During the period of fruiting, it is forbidden to use chemistry, harmful substances that fight pathogens, settle in the fruits and enter the human body.

autumn feeding

Features of ripening and fruiting

The apple tree blooms for 10 days, the timing is individual for each growing region. After transplanting, 2-3 years will pass, and the seedling will bear its first fruits. To do this, it is necessary to cut the crown annually, forming it, and remove the branches that inhibit development.

The apples of the Favorite variety, so desired by everyone, reach a weight of 300 g. The fruits removed from the tree are stored until spring. At the same time, apples do not lose their presentation and taste. Only in the process of lying down does a wax coating appear, which is easily washed off.

growing region

Regions for growing varieties

Before planting any sort of apple tree in the garden, they will find out if it will grow in certain climatic conditions. The Favorite feels better in the middle lane. The conditions for growth in these regions are the most suitable.

The coveted Favorite variety is also suitable for other regions, but when grown, the yield is significantly reduced. Gardeners lose most of their fruit.

cultivating varieties


The comments of like-minded people are more credible than a beautiful advertisement from a manufacturer. Summer residents who planted Favorite in gardens claim that there are no problems with growing. Plants do not require special care, everything is standard, as when growing other species.

The summer resident strives to choose such types of fruit that require less attention for care, and are themselves unpretentious.

are unpretentious

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