Description and characteristics of the fruits of the variety of apple trees Landing, features of cultivation and care

Each gardener seeks to plant an apple tree on his site. It is considered the most common fruit and berry crop. The variety of varieties makes you think about the right choice. The Land apple tree has a significant number of advantages that make this variety popular in many regions of the country. Winter-hardy and not picky to care for the tree brings abundant, regular harvests. Juicy sweet apples are full of healthy and nutritious elements.

Description of the apple tree variety

The Land variety is represented by undersized apple trees. Bred by a group of scientists at the South Ural Research Institute. The variety was widespread in the Urals. Due to its peculiarities, the variety is cultivated in many regions of the country:

  1. The height does not exceed 2 m.
  2. The harvest is regular, abundant.
  3. High level of winter hardiness.
  4. Excellent taste of the fruit.


The Land variety has several forms:

  1. Natural stanza.
  2. Dwarf subspecies.

Natural elite

Natural elk is an apple tree shape. Its peculiarity is the creeping crown. The branches of the tree do not go up, but stretch along the ground. A similar option can be created manually: a young tree is bent down, fixed with hooks, a load. Slate molds have many advantages:

  1. Height - no more than 45 cm. In winter, the apple tree is better covered with snow, which prevents it from freezing.
  2. Fruiting occurs 2 years after planting.
  3. Shales adapt faster to environmental conditions. They are not injured by gusty winds, drafts.

apple tree


Dwarf apple tree grows up to 2 m.Such forms are popular for their numerous advantages:

  1. Trees take up little space on the site. This allows a lot of seedlings to be planted.
  2. Early fruiting. The first crop is 2-3 years after planting.
  3. This shape makes it easier to pick the fruit. The branches are at the level of the gardener's eyes.

Main characteristics

The characteristic features of the Land apple tree determine the process of planting care, a favorable region for placement, a suitable place for a seedling.

apple tree


The crown of the Ground is flat-round in shape.Formed from medium shoots. The greenish nut branches are perpendicular to the central conductor. The large leaves are like an elongated oval with finely serrated edges. In some cases, foliage is slightly pubescent.


The Land variety is partially self-fertile. For a bountiful harvest, pollinators are needed:

  • Bratchud;
  • Carpet;
  • Wonderful;
  • Autumn undersized.

apple tree

Productivity and frequency of fruiting

Apple tree fruiting, regular. The variety bears a harvest every year. Up to 130 kg of sweet fruits are harvested from one planting. The yield increases with the age of the apple tree.

Winter hardiness

The Land apple tree is considered a frost-resistant variety. She tolerates temperatures down to -40 well.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Trees of the Prizemlennoe variety do not tolerate fungal infections. They have a weak resistance to a common disease - scab.

apple tree

Taste qualities

The taste characteristics of the variety are highly appreciated by gardeners. Juicy fruits are considered an excellent option for dessert, sweet preservation.

Delicious and nutritious apple

Apples of the Landing variety are full of useful and nutritious elements. Sweet pulp contains sugar, ascorbic acid. In order to remove sourness from the taste of fruits, to make them sweeter, you must adhere to a certain regime.

In summer, the temperature should not fall below 22 degrees.

The benefits and harms of eating fruits

Eating the fruits of the Prizemene variety will bring significant benefits to the human body:

  1. Replenish iron deficiency.
  2. They will become a source of magnesium, potassium, which contribute to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Due to the presence of vitamin C in the composition, it is considered an excellent prevention of colds.

apple tree

Apples are harmful if consumed excessively. The high fiber content of fruits can exacerbate colitis if you overeat sweet fruits.

Planting an apple tree: what you need to know

Planting a young seedling Ground is an important procedure. Further growth, development of the plant depends on its implementation.

Working with soil

The first stage is the preparation of the site and soil.

Choosing a landing site

The best option for an apple tree Land is the sunny side of the site. The seedling requires protection from wind and drafts. Particular attention is paid to groundwater. They should not be close to the surface. Excessive moisture can lead to rotting of the root system.

planting an apple tree

Preparing the soil

The apple tree prefers light soil, without limestone, salt, moisture. Before planting, the site is dug up, cleaned of debris. Part of the land is mixed with organic fertilizers, humus is added.

Digging a hole

Before forming the pit, take into account the peculiarity of the variety... The roots of an adult tree are several times larger than its crown. The main part of the root system goes 60-50 cm underground... The planting hole should be 70-80 cm deep, with a diameter of 100 cm.

At what distance should trees be planted from each other

The distance between seedlings depends on the form of their cultivation. The slate needs a lot of space around it. The second tree is planted after 3 m. Dwarf varieties are located at a distance of 1.5-2 m from each other.

planted apple trees

Selection of seedlings

The seedling for planting must have a healthy root system. The same color and uniform root structure is a sign of quality. It is important that the shoots of the young apple tree are flexible, not dry.

The best time to plant

The planting period of the landed seedling depends on the region. In the southern regions, the plant is planted in the fall. The tree will have time to adapt before the onset of cold weather. In regions with more severe winters, planting is carried out in early spring.

This will prepare the apple tree for a cold snap, will strengthen the root system in a new place.

What and for what to do when planting seedlings

When planting an apple tree, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Choose a seedling.
  2. Find a place to place the tree.
  3. Prepare the ground.
  4. Dig a hole.
  5. Lower the cutting into the recess, spread the roots, sprinkle with earth, tamp.
  6. If necessary, a peg is installed next to the seedling for additional fixation of the young planting.
  7. The tree is watered abundantly.

watering the apple tree

The root collar of the apple tree remains on the surface. This will prevent the bark from rotting.

Growing Ground

The Land variety grows quickly. In the 3-4th year after planting, the first fruits are harvested. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the species to provide the necessary care.

How to care for a tree

Caring for the Ground apple tree is simple: watering, pruning, fertilizing, preventing plant diseases and insect pests. Correct, timely execution of procedures is the key to a healthy tree.

Crown pruning

The crown of the Land variety is formed in several stages:

  1. Before kidney formation, the main conductor is shortened by 20% of the total length.
  2. The subsequent trimming is repeated according to the same parameters.
  3. In the warm season, dry, damaged branches are removed before sheltering for the winter.

crown pruning

Leaving during flowering

During the flowering period of the apple tree, they support the plant with fertilizing with useful substances, provide timely, regular watering. It is not recommended to prune branches, spray the tree with chemicals.

Irrigation works

The Land variety is watered from May to October. The reason for the first hydration is the beginning of the flowering period. An adult tree needs abundant watering once every 2 weeks. A young seedling is moistened as the soil around the trunk dries.

watering the apple tree

Fighting disease

The Land variety is not resistant to a number of fungal diseases. A number of measures will minimize the risk of disease or cure the affected plant:

  1. Before flowering, the apple tree is sprayed with a solution of Bordeaux liquid. It will rid the tree of scab and moniliosis, and will be an excellent prevention.
  2. Applying ferrous sulfate before bud break will also prevent scab and moniliosis.
  3. In case of acute development of the disease, it is recommended to use purchased chemicals.

Pest control

The apple tree is harmed by caterpillars, lichens, aphids. An excellent folk remedy for insects is ash. The plant is watered with infusion from this component.

ash as fertilizer

Top dressing of an apple tree

An excellent fertilizer for the Land variety in the spring is ammonium nitrate. At the stage of flowering and fruit formation, the tree is fertilized with phosphorus nutrient mixtures. Before the onset of cold weather, organic fertilizers are applied.

Fruiting period

The Land variety is considered early-growing. It brings its first crop 3 years after planting.


Apple trees produce a regular bountiful harvest. Its volumes are increasing every year.

apple tree


Apples ripen by the end of September. Ripe fruits are harvested immediately after reaching maximum ripeness.


The fruits of the Prizemlennye variety have a long shelf life - up to 60 days after being cut off. Please note: long-term storage will negatively affect the apple pulp.


Apples must be transported over long distances. Thanks to their long shelf life, they can be transported without compromising their appearance and taste.

apple tree

Cooking and other uses of apples

The fruits of the variety are used for cooking compotes, preserving jam, jam, jam. Fresh apples are considered a great dessert option.

About growing regions

The numerous advantages of the variety allow cultivating fruit and berry crops in many regions of the country.


A high index of winter hardiness allows you to grow a tree at low temperatures in Siberia without the use of plant warming measures.

apple tree


The Prizemlennye variety was bred in the Urals with an orientation towards growth and development in this region. The apple tree perfectly adapts to environmental conditions.

Other regions

An excellent option for planting the Land variety - southern regions:

  1. Rostov.
  2. Voronezh.
  3. Krasnodar, others.

The Lantern apple tree is planted in many regions of the country. A distinctive feature of the tree is winter hardiness. Abundant and regular harvests annually delight gardeners. The excellent taste of apples made the variety popular among other fruit crops.

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