Original ways of planting and growing cucumbers in the beds

The gardener, who annually plants vegetables on his plot, knows various ways of planting cucumbers. For original beds, various materials at hand can be used.

How to grow cucumbers, a variety of devices

The standard methods of planting and growing vegetables are replaced by new, modern and more convenient methods.

When choosing original methods of growing cucumbers, you need to take into account some of the features that are discussed in the following descriptions.

  1. Unusual ways of growing cucumbers in bags or garbage bags are built on the principle of a vertical bed.

You only need to choose dense bags. Planting will take up little space, cucumbers are easy to care for, and the fruits begin to ripen ahead of time. Step by step, you can describe the course of work as follows.

  • For the manufacture of an irrigation system, three plastic tubes are useful, throughout the entire area of ​​which you need to make holes.
  • The prepared bag is completely filled with soil, and a wooden peg is stuck in the middle. Several nails are driven into the upper edge of the stick, to which the ropes will then be tied.
  • Plastic tubes are inserted around the wooden peg.
  • It is required to make several small cuts on one side of the bag.
  • No more than three cucumber seedlings are planted in one bag.

growing cucumbers in packages

Water is poured through plastic tubes to irrigate cucumber beds, and the degree of soil moisture is determined using a side cut.

As soon as the tendrils appear on the cucumbers, you need to set posts around the bag. A thick rope is pulled from them to a wooden stick located in the middle of the ground in a bag.

  1. Among the unusual ideas, not the least is planting cucumbers in buckets. To grow cucumbers in a bucket, you need to know a few rules.

Weakly branched and bush varieties are suitable for planting cucumbers in buckets. They do not have many root branches and therefore do not require much space. The main thing is that the bucket is not less than 5 liters. Any material can be. It is imperative to make drainage holes at the bottom of the container. The cucumber grown in buckets in the greenhouse turns out to be juicy, crunchy, without a hint of bitterness.

growing cucumbers in a bucket

Growing cucumbers in buckets has its advantages. The bucket can always be moved to a different, more successful place or completely removed from the garden if it is raining or freezing. Cucumbers are rarely exposed to diseases and pests, the fruits are always clean and easy to pick.

2-3 grains are sown in the prepared holes in buckets. As soon as the leaves begin to unfold at the seedling and antennae appear, arcs or other support are installed above the bucket.

  1. In the open field, you can use another idea for growing cucumbers. You can plant cucumbers in unnecessary tires.

Growing cucumbers in tires has its advantages. The pyramid of wheels creates all the necessary conditions for growing cucumber beds. The tires retain heat well, take up little space, can be placed in any convenient place and there is no need to fertilize the whole area. A similar planting option can be used for greenhouse cucumber varieties.

growing cucumbers in tires

Initially, you need to decide where to put the structure. Be sure to lay cardboard or paper under the tires so that the grass does not grow inside. First, the first tire is installed and drainage material is laid in it; dry tree branches are well suited. Sprinkle with soil on top.

The second tire is placed on the first tire and filled with dry grass, as well as food waste, which will serve as a good fertilizer. Sprinkle with earth again. The third tire is filled with rotted manure, the next layer will be the soil itself.

They make holes in a circle and sow two seeds. When growing cucumbers in wheels, good germination is noted, the plant is less sick. If the weather is cool, you can cover the cucumber seedlings with foil.

  1. The compact version is the one with drawers.

You don't need a lot of space to grow cucumbers in boxes. They take ordinary wooden boxes, line the bottom with a film, in which several holes are made. The next layer is sand (4.5 cm). After that, you need to decide on a permanent place in the garden so as not to drag a heavy box.

After placing the box, it is covered with ordinary earth. You can mix the topsoil with rotted manure. The prepared holes are poured with water and sowed by two seeds. Be sure to tie the ropes vertically so that the cucumber lashes stretch up.

growing cucumbers in a box

  1. You can grow cucumbers on mineral wool.

It is a special cube material that allows moisture and drainage root system of cucumbers... The seedling root receives sufficient oxygen, moisture and nutrients.

The cube should be about 25 cm wide and about 8 cm high. Two seedlings are planted for each cube. For seedlings of cucumbers, smaller cubes are used.

mineral wool

How to plant cucumbers

Cucumbers are grown in two main ways: horizontal and vertical. With a horizontal planting, cucumber lashes spread along the ground, and with a vertical plant - up along the installed support.

Some vegetable growers suggest it is interesting to plant cucumbers in the form of a Christmas tree. When planting cucumbers with a herringbone, the garden bed is made in a round shape (diameter is approximately 1.5-2 meters). A round bed is dug up, for insulation, hay is laid in a trench and sprinkled with earth.

Seedlings of cucumbers on a plot in the country are planted at a distance of 45 cm. A wooden peg is driven in near each seedling. After 2.5 weeks, they start tying. A pipe is driven into the center of a round bed, at the end of which there are hooks. Then pull the twine or thick rope from the peg near the seedling to the hook. It turns out a herringbone or something like a pyramid.

If the cucumbers are planted with a Christmas tree, then all parts of the plant get free access to sunlight and air. Cucumber beds require minimal maintenance. Weeds appear occasionally, pests and diseases, judging by the reviews, are very rare. The grown fruits are easy to harvest.

For the cultivation of vegetables, gardeners use another unusual way of growing cucumbers. In greenhouse conditions, they build Finnish sausages - a structure of two long boards and slats between them. The clamps are passed at a distance of 30 cm. It turns out an elongated box, which is covered with a film with overlap on the sides.

From the experience of vegetable growers: “It is not the first year that I have been growing cucumbers using the Finnish sausage method. At the bottom of the beds made, I fall asleep gravel, which will serve as drainage.I place a filtering covering material on top, and then you can start filling the sausages with soil. I level the earth, spill it with water and wrap it in foil, tie the clamps and leave the structure for a day.

cucumbers in barrels in the garden

A day later, I open the joints of the film and plant the prepared cucumber seedling together with an earthen lump. As soon as the plant reaches 15 cm, I stretch out a vertical rope along which a cucumber whip will be launched. "

This method of planting cucumbers in a greenhouse minimizes diseases of vegetables, there are no weeds, heat and moisture linger in the soil for a long time. The harvest pleases with its quantity and quality.

A special technique

Growing cucumbers according to the Meatlider method allows you to fit the beds even in a small space. The harvest is rich and high quality. It is supposed to dig up the ground not on the entire site, but only on the beds. The result is less weeds and no need to loosen the soil.

You can grow cucumbers according to Meatlider not only in garden beds, but also in boxes. A mixture of sawdust and sand is poured into the boxes if the soil in the area is rocky.

cucumbers according to Meathlider

The scheme of vegetable growing in narrow beds is simple. A strip of land is enough, the width of which is only 45 cm. The passage between the beds should be about 95 cm. In the autumn, after harvesting, all vegetable waste is placed in these aisles. The cucumber beds should be horizontal and parallel to each other. The length of the beds does not matter.

Fertilizers must be applied before sowing.

First, a lime mixture is added to the marked garden of cucumbers, then a mixture of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, the top is covered with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. After that, the soil is dug up and leveled. Due to the soil in the aisles, sides are formed with a height of about 9 cm along the edges of the beds.

If you plant cucumbers in this way, then the seeds are sown in two rows and along the edges of the side. Cucumber seeds are not sown in the middle of the garden. You can plant cucumbers and seedlings. Remember to feed the cucumbers every 8 days.

As soon as the cucumber bushes reach a height of 18 cm, they begin to tie them up. Two wires are pulled over the bed. One end of the rope is tied to the stem of the seedling itself, and the other end is attached to the wire.

The gardener, who annually plants vegetables on his plot, knows various ways of planting cucumbers. For original beds, various materials at hand can be used.

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