Description of the cucumber variety Garland f1, recommendations for growing and care

Cucumber Garland f1 is an early maturing, self-pollinating variety, characterized by vigorous growth and bouquet-like setting of ovaries. It is appreciated for its high yield, unpretentious care. Cucumbers are used fresh, for pickling and preservation.

Description of the variety

The cucumbers of the hybrid are early maturing, flowering is female, ripen 35–45 days after the emergence of shoots. At the height of the season, up to 35 cucumbers can ripen simultaneously on one bush.

Description of the variety:

  • type - parthenocarpic;
  • fruit shape - cylindrical;
  • the color of the cucumbers is dark green;
  • length of zelents - 10-12 cm;
  • diameter - 3–3.5 cm;
  • weight - 10-110 g;
  • cucumber leaves are small, with a jagged edge, shaped like a heart.

The fruits of the plant are distinguished by large tubercles and white pubescence. The setting of bouquet-type ovaries. The plant is weakly branched, with vigorous growth. The yield is 14-16 kg / m².

cucumber seeds Garland f1


The cucumber variety is mainly grown in a greenhouse method. The plant is shade-loving, therefore it can be placed on the balcony, windowsill. The permissible sowing depth is 1–2 cm. The temperature indicator should be at least 25 ° С.

Sowing seeds for seedlings is performed in the second half of April. Planting seedlings in the ground - in late May or early June, when there is a phase of 3-4 true leaves. The planting distance in the greenhouse is 30x70 cm.

Planting directly into the ground is carried out between May and June. The bush must be formed into one stem. Manufacturers offer coated seeds that have undergone special treatment that do not need soaking and other procedures before planting.

Planting in cups or peat tablets is recommended as follows:

  • each seed is sown in a separate container;
  • the room temperature must be at least 27 ° C;
  • with the appearance of the first leaves, the temperature drops to 21-23 ° C, the humidity should be 75%;
  • with greenhouse cultivation, regular ventilation is important in order to eliminate moldy soil;
  • after 3-5 true leaves appear, the plants are planted in open soil.

cucumber bushes Garland f1

Bushes must be protected from drafts and strong temperature changes.

The qualities of the cucumbers are not passed on to the next generations, so the collected seeds are not suitable for further planting.

It is better to plant cucumbers in the soil in which onions, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, celery were previously grown. Pumpkin, watermelon, melon, squash, zucchini will not be the best option among the predecessors.

By weakening the cucumber to 4–5 leaves, you can increase the nutrition of the main stem.This contributes to greater growth, organic development of the plant, and a reduction in the cost of fruiting.

cucumber Garland f1 in the open field

Care features

For a good harvest, cucumber bushes need to be watered daily with warm water under the root of the plant. Top dressing is applied once every 15 days; fertilizers of biological or organic type are suitable.

Loosen and weed the soil regularly, remove weeds. With the growth of a cucumber lash, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are required, during flowering and ovary - nitrogen-potassium fertilizers.

Experienced gardeners recommend preparing the beds for cucumbers in the fall: add fallen leaves, straw, needles, branches of trees or shrubs to the soil. The ground is covered with a film and left so for the whole winter.

Cucumbers of the presented variety must be tied up. For this purpose, use a cucumber net or an ordinary trellis. Thus, the plants receive a sufficient amount of sunlight, they are easy to care for, and the fruiting period increases.

cucumber seeds Garland f1

Advantages and disadvantages

Garland f1 cucumbers contain many B vitamins, provitamin A, iron, calcium, ascorbic acid and enzymes that have a beneficial effect on the breakdown and absorption of animal fats.

Positive points:

  • high productivity;
  • self-pollination;
  • cultivation in any soil and under adverse weather conditions;
  • long fruiting period of cucumbers;
  • unpretentiousness of cucumbers to sunlight;
  • early ripening of fruits;
  • resistance to most cucumber diseases;
  • transportability.

appearance of cucumbers Garland f1

To stimulate the development and ripening of new ovaries, you need to harvest every day.

Of the disadvantages of the Garlanda f1 variety, gardeners note the relatively high price of seeds, however, a good harvest outweighs this indicator.

Pests and diseases

Cucumber variety Garland f1 is resistant to powdery mildew, cladosporium disease, less resistant to the virus cucumber mosaic and downy mildew.

Proper planting is important, otherwise viruses and fungus can develop in closely spaced bushes. Plants, weakened by disease, lose their resistance to pests.

If the bush nevertheless died, you need to dig up the plant and burn it, treating the ground with a solution of copper sulfate, with the calculation of 2 tbsp. l. composition for 10 liters of water.

cucumber bushes Garland f1

Harvesting and storage

For the yield to be regular, it is important to pick the ripe cucumbers in a timely manner. The first harvest can be obtained 45-50 days after the first shoots appear.

The fruits are stored in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place. In the first version, the cucumbers must first be held in the shade for about an hour. It is undesirable to wash the cucumbers before storage, as they will quickly become soft and lose their presentation.

Gardeners reviews

In reviews of the f1 Garland cucumber, it is said that the variety is suitable for annual cultivation on a windowsill, giving a stable harvest. An average of 10 zelents are collected from one bush.

Cucumbers are tasty, juicy, suitable for summer salads, canning and for sale. Due to good immunity, they do not need scrupulous care.

cucumber harvest Garland f1

Gardeners appreciate the yield and taste of cucumbers. The presented variety is considered one of the earliest hybrids, easy to care for. Bears fruit for a long time, until the onset of frost.

Cucumber hybrid Garland f1 will appeal to many gardeners, due to its versatility, yield, beauty, taste and good seed germination.

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    If you want to eat cucumbers from June to autumn - choose "Garland"! How many different varieties I tried, but this one was especially impressive in terms of yield and fruiting time. I fed them as usual, organic, different. Plus growth activator BioGrow... Even the disease, traditional for our places, - powdery mildew - did not affect this variety.

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