Description of the zucchini variety Gentle marshmallow, features of growing and care

Everyone knows about the beneficial properties of vegetables, and among them one cannot but mention zucchini, which, in addition, have luxurious taste, thanks to which even the best chefs in the world use such a simple vegetable when creating dishes, along with the famous zucchini.

Self-grown zucchini cannot be compared with purchased ones, they grow juicy, much more natural and are better stored. This article describes how to care for Delicate Marshmallow for healthy and tasty fruit.

delicate marshmallow

Description of the variety

Zucchini Delicate marshmallow was produced as a hybrid specifically for creating delicacies. Outwardly, it differs in a fabulous two-tone color: yellow with a sharp transition to green.

The variety is early maturing and high-yielding. A little more than a month after planting the seeds, it is already possible to harvest. At this time, new ovaries will form, so that it will be possible to harvest the crop 2 or even 3 times. During the season, up to 8 kg are collected from the bush on average.

zucchini variety


Before planting, the bed must be thoroughly weeded and fertilized with manure, you can additionally sprinkle it with ash. The holes are made about 30 cm apart, several seeds are planted in each and only the strongest sprout is left. Water the garden immediately after planting. To harvest as early as possible, you can immediately plant seedlings in the soil.

It is better to plant zucchini in open ground, this variety is recommended for cultivation in central Russia. Seeds should be soaked in warm water 1–2 days before planting or wrapped in a wet cloth, so the sprouts will sprout sooner.

produced as a hybrid

Care features

Delicate marshmallow is unpretentious in care, so it does not require much effort. It should be watered every few days, covered with spunbond or plastic at night and in cold weather. Excess leaves that cover the inflorescences and fruits from the sun are cut off without fail so that the fruits receive enough light and heat.

If you cut off still young zucchini, then new ovaries will form, which will have time to ripen.

weed thoroughly

Advantages and disadvantages

Today the variety is quite widespread, so it is not at all something rare and impossible to get.

Yellow-green fruits look elegant in the garden and continue to delight the eye after harvest. They are sometimes even used, like pumpkins, to decorate the interior. Because, thanks to their cheerful color and interesting shape, they are able to cheer up, and just be an original decoration of the interior.

The taste qualities of this variety are truly high, you will simply lick your fingers, but its only drawback is that it is not adapted for long storage. Zucchini can be eaten raw.

spread a lot

Pests and diseases

Zucchini are not very susceptible to diseases, but still the likelihood of damage by powdery mildew, white rot or insects is present. To avoid this, you should adhere to several rules:

  • you do not need to plant zucchini in the soil where they have already grown before;
  • before planting, it is important to deeply and efficiently loosen and weed the soil;
  • diseased bushes are immediately removed without regret.

qualitatively loosen

To fight insects, periodically water the soil with onion solution, karbofos solution. Some pests can be washed off with a strong pressure of water, and for prevention, you can periodically water the soil with a potassium solution.

Harvesting and storage

Gathering Delicate marshmallows should be when the fruits reach 10-15 cm in length ("milk maturity"), until it has outgrown and the pulp, its main feature, has not begun to harden a little. In addition, the fruits have a very delicate structure, including the skin, which makes them easy to spoil. It is best to cut them off as soon as they begin to ripen, so that wet weather does not spoil the entire crop.

milk maturity

Zucchini are stored in a cool place with medium humidity, preferably low. With high humidity, they begin to rot, especially such delicate varieties. If you have already used half of the zucchini and decided to add some later to another dish, then it is best to store it only in the refrigerator.

Delicate marshmallows are not intended for long-term storage; it is best used for canning. If you want to cook other dishes from this variety, then it is better to do this in the first couple of months.

strong humidity

Gardeners reviews

Zucchini really has a magical taste, they have a delicate pulp and a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. Most gardeners are content with growing Delicate Marshmallows, mainly due to the quantity and quality of the extraordinary tasting crop.

tender pulp

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